Wildlife Control

Professional Wildlife Control Solutions For Your Home Or Business. Wild Critters Can Cause Significant Damage And Health Risks. Our Wildlife Representatives Are Skilled And Knowledgeable Experts And Will Ensure Your Wild Critters Are Handled In A Safe And Effective Manner.
Squirrel Removal Service
Squirrel removal company Massachusetts
Squirrel's are among the most common rodents in New England. Squirrel's like to chew and can cause significant damage as they gain access into attics or other entrance point along your property. Fire hazards are also something to be concerned about as they chew threw existing wires. They are also a nuisance around bird feeders, gardens and flowers. 
Signs of a Squirrel Problem:
  • Nesting material in attic
  • Holes 2" -4" around upper levels
  • Urine stained shingles
  • Heavy activity in attic
  • Chewed wires in attic

Raccoon Removal Service
raccoon removal company Massachusetts
Raccoon's can be extremely destructive and dangerous. They can carry diseases such as rabies, distemper and roundworm. Raccoon's are terrific climbers and will often take shelter in attics and chimneys. They can also adapt easily to new environments and will eat almost anything. 
Signs of a Raccoon Problem:
  • Cigar shapped droppings
  • Holes 4" x 6" in roof or wall
  • Overturned trash cans
  • Heavy footsteps in attic
  • Tracks around home

Bat Removal Service
bats removal company Massachusetts
Bat's are helpful in eating mosquito's and other flying insects. Bat's usually live in man made environments and have become highly adaptable. They are very difficult to remove due to their ability to hide anywhere and enter structures through holes less than an inch. Bat's also carry disease as well as their guano. 
Signs of a Bat Problem:
  • Visible signs of Bat Guano
  • Constant sightings around home
  • Brown stains from entry points
  • Strange odor in attic 
  • Attic sounds mostly in evening

Skunk Removal Service
skunk removal company Massachusetts
Skunk's can spray up to 30 feet. They dig up lawns and landscaping in search of grubs. Skunk's will usually take up residence in small areas under homes, decks and sheds. They will eat almost anything to survive and can carry disease including rabies.
Signs of a Skunk Problem:
  • Awful smell in area
  • Dug up yards & landscaping
  • Hole under home, deck or shed
  • Tracks around property
  • Constant sighting in yard
*Wildlife control services available in our Massachusetts locations only.
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